Meta disponibiliza API Threads para desenvolvedores

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A long-awaited API has finally been released by Meta: Threads. This free API allows developers to create “exclusive integrations” on the Threads platform.

“People can now post through the API, search their own content, and take advantage of our response management features to set response controls and quotas, retrieve responses to their posts, hide, display, or respond to specific responses,” explains Jesse Chen, Threads’ director of engineering.

Chen highlights that insights on Threads posts are “one of our most requested features for the API.” Therefore, Meta is allowing developers to see the number of views, likes, responses, reposts, and quotes on Threads posts through the API.

Numerous documents on how developers can start using the API Threads have been released by Meta, and there is even an open-source sample application of the Threads API on GitHub.

Platforms like Grabyo, Hootsuite, Social News Desk, Sprinklr, Sprout Social, and Techmeme have been already testing the API Threads with Meta. These test integrations have enabled websites like Techmeme to automate posts on Threads, or Sprout and Hootsuite clients to feed Threads posts into the social media management platform.

One of the key expectations is to determine if developers can easily build a third-party Threads app with this new API that is not connected to a social media management platform.

In conclusion, the release of the Threads API opens up a world of possibilities for developers to create unique and innovative integrations on the Threads platform. With the ability to access valuable insights on posts and engage with Threads’ features, developers can now explore new avenues for enhancing user experiences and expanding the functionality of Threads. This long-awaited release represents a significant step in empowering developers and expanding the capabilities of the Threads platform.

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